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Note: If your site fits a subcategory; Rentals, Inspections, Residential, Residential/Agents... please submit there.

To be listed in this category, a site must contain unique information about real estate specific to Austin.

Real estate agents will only be listed in a category corresponding to a locality where the agent maintains a physical office. RARELY an editor may place it otherwise based on content, but still only in ONE locality. The office address (and on agent sites, agent's name) should be visible on the site to aid placement. NOTE: You may mention additional areas served in the description. Editors may edit for brevity. Choose a few favorites (you may not like ours).

Multiple submission of the same site, mirror sites, and sites by the same entity containing the same basic information may result in that entity being banned. Once the site is listed at DMOZ, please do not re-submit it. If the site content changes or the description no longer applies for other reasons, go back one page and use the "Change URL" button to submit a revision for consideration.

more information (editors only)

NOTE: This category has specific sub-categories for
* Inspections
* Rentals
* Residential real estate offices
-------* Agent specific sites

Lender sites belong in:

If any of the above describes your site, please submit there. Other Austin real estate sites go in this category.



Sites Will Be Listed Only Once
Please submit to the Locality were the office resides. You may mention other cities served in the description, but we may edit for brevity.

Multiple Submissions
Please submit the site once. If site revisions necessitate a description change Go back one page and use the ?update URL? link. Attempts to circumvent the guidelines can lead to being banned at the discretion of Dmoz Staff.

Titles for Real Estate Sites
Individual Sites: N/A - Agent or Team sites do no go here. This category is for company websites.
Company Sites: Company Name


If it's longer than the good example, forget it.
Century 21 Froghatcher Inc.
Serving buyers and sellers in Warter, Toadwood, Ponder, and the Toad-Metro area. Site offers virtual tours, tools for prospects, and application for discounted home warranty.

BAD: Hype
#1 Broker in Toadville!!!
We give great SERVICE! Visit our kEwL site. We win more awards than the Mariners!! Rated "HOT Site" by the Toad JV Chess Club!!! See the best homes and much much more!!!!

BAD: Keyword Stuffing
Homes in Toadwood, Warter, Ponder and Hopfrog
Sellers and buyers, homebuyers and homesellers, those who buy or sell homes in Toadwood, Warter, Ponder and Hopfrog, home in here to see homes in Ponder, Hopfrog, and Warter.

And please...
Don't Write Descriptions In Title Case,
and please don't use ALL CAPS. - Thanks!


This category contains local RESIDENTIAL real estate websites for offices in this city... primarily real estate office websites. If you are submitting an AGENT SPECIFIC site, there is a sub-category for those.

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